STABLINOX pressure reducers

Protect sanitary systems for maximum longevity of plumbings and pipes. Acoustic comfort: reduce water hammer and water flow noises. Fewer leaks from cisterns and water heaters. Save water: better flow control.
• Upstream pressure 10 bars max. • Flow rate up to 30 L/min
• Nominal adjustment 3 bars
• Minimum adjustment 1.5 bars
• Adjustment range 1.5 to 5.5 bars • Operating temperature 70°C
• Drain valve option 1/8
• Piston system

• Solid brass construction
• Strong and compact
• Metallic protective plug
• Anti-corrosion protection
• Accessible manometer gauge connection
• Stainless steel seat for corrosion free guarantee whatever the operating conditions


STABLINOX pressure reducer

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