Filling loops

The «filling loop» of a heating installation is MANDATORY composed of :
A shut-off valve on the supply side directly followed by a non-return valve with disconnection /
venting, a detachable hose allowing complete isolation of the closed circuit of heating circuit
and a shut-off valve on the heating side allowing the hose to be removed.

Composition :
• BS DN15 PN16 supply valve
• EA FF1/2 antipollution valve
• Stainless steel braid DN13 hose
• Outlet valve BS DN15 PN 16

• EA valve compliant with NF EN 13959 and EN 1717 standards with two brass plugs
• NEOPERL check valve in POM

Options :
• Hose length 300/400/500 mm
• CAa or CAb antipollution protection device
• Male or female connection

Filling loops

Filling loops with CAb protection


Filling loops with EA valve

Filling loops 

Valve type : 1 RV-PATONE OV15 UW 2.5 PSI

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