EA antipollution valves female - female

As stated in the standard EN1717, the controlable antipollution valve is a controlable mechanical back ow prevention device, with a closing device designed to allow water to ow in a single direction. It opens automatically, in the direction of ow, when the pressure upstream from the valve is higher than the pressure downstream. When the pressure is higher upstream or in the event of the ow stop- ping, the valve closes in anticipation under the action of a force, for example a mechanical assembly or a spring.

Compliant with the NF EN 13959 standard

• Upstream pressure 10 bars max. • Temperature 90°C max.
• Brass body
• Neoperl polymer valve

Installation on water supply: various applications: pumping unit, network protection, maintenance of downstream pressure

The antipollution valves are controlable

• An upstream port allows for verification that it is watertight against valve back pressure after isolating the supply.

• A downstream port also allows the downstream section of the circuit to be drained or emptied

• These two 1/4 Gas threaded ports may be equipped with polymer or brass plugs, or brass drain valves with a wheel

Straight models

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With plastic plugs

Straight models With plastic plugs
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With brass plugs

Straight models With brass plugs

Pressure drop diagrams for straight model EA antipollution valves (red zone = off for flow rate between 0.5 and 0.4 bars)