GRANDSIRE, a certified company

Since 2007, when we acquired the certification ISO 9001, our company has continued to develop and reinforce its R&D and Quality departments. The Quality Management System that we have implemented must be permanently enhanced and improved, we have in particular decided to set up an environmental approach, which enabled us to achieve the ISO 14001 certification in January 2014. Our commitment is to continue to offer products that comply with customer expectations and with international standards, as for instance, NF certified products.

GRANDSIRE, compliant products

Our aim is to manufacture and distribute products that comply with the regulations and standards of the country(ies) concerned. As provided by the regulatory framework for products in contact with drinking water, we put at the customer’s disposal ACS certificates attesting the sanitary compliance of those products. In addition, the majority of our Backflow Protection product range and our Thermostatic Mixing Valves are BELGAQUA certified, our antipollution valves are NF certified.

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