Air admittance valve

Air admittance valves are designed to allow air to enter a plumbing system during drainage.

• Avoids having to work in ceiling and roof spaces
• Limits the number of pipes and accessories needed
• Eliminates need for a roof vent
• Reduces labour costs
• Supplies the air necessary to the water drainage system, thus avoiding having to dismantle traps
• Odours are trapped by the membrane that seals the air in the soil stack

• Pressure relief valve for WW and BW pipes WW: Wastewater / BW: Black water
• Air intake capacity: 43 L/s
• Airtightness tested at: 10 kPa
• Temperature range: -20°C / 60°C
• Functional in the event of temperatures <0°C
• Tested according to BS EN 12380 criteria and operates at -20°C

Schémas aérateur à membrane
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